Sports Rehabilitation

We treat a wide range of sports injuries, be it from the elite athlete or weekend warrior. In addition, we will be able to address your concerns regarding your sport, including assessing your sporting techniques and correcting your biomechanics as needed so that you do not suffer a recurrence of the same injury in the long run (pun intended!).

Appropriate exercises will be prescribed to correct any muscle imbalances or movement patterns. Your return to sport will depend on how well you perform the basic exercises before advancing through the next stages.

Remember, a rehabilitation program comprises of a whole series of exercises that are progressed in stages upon you achieving set milestones, similar to how a child needs to learn to walk first before he can run. Hence, there is no instant fix for most sporting injuries and musculoskeletal conditions -compliance with the exercise program will be the best way of achieving your goals.

*Elaine, our Sports Physiotherapist, is currently doing some exciting things abroad this year with the Chinese Olympics Judo team so she will have a busy year away - we will keep you updated when she will return to Sydney. 

However, the rest of the Annandale Physio team is more than qualified to address your sporting concerns*