Taping can be used for injury prevention. Athletic taping has also been shown to reduce the severity in injuries, as well as the occurrence of injury in most sports. Preventative taping may also decrease the prevalence of chronic or overuse injuries in joints such as the ankle or wrist.

Tape is also often applied to manage symptoms of chronic injuries by stabilizing and supporting joints, allowing return to activity, maintaining proper biomechanics, as well as helping to reduce force on affected areas during activity.

If you have a particular sporting event coming up, or any concerns with a particular activity or previous injury, our Physios can tape the affected area (as part of your physio treatment, or without an appointment, for a small fee).

At Annandale Physio we do both sports taping and kinesio taping, depending on your needs.

A 15 minute taping consult can be booked online under the Physiotherapy cateegory .