Online Physiotherapy Consults ( Telehealth )

We are offering online video consultations!

(bookings available on our online bookings page)

What will the online session involve?

This service will run like a normal consultation. 

1. A detailed assessment observation of movement and function in particular

- posture

- range of motion

- quality of movement

- tolerance and irritability

2. Discussion of what that might mean in terms of a possible diagnosis and what might be the appropriate treatment

3. Education and provision of strategies to help you manage and treat your own symptoms

4. Provision and supervision of a rehab/exercise program for you specific condition to ensure all is being performed correctly.

Need more info about Telehealth consults? Have a look at this video from the Australian Physiotherapy Association

Online consults are available with any one of our Physios and can be organised through email.

The beauty of online consults is that we can treat you from our homes as well so we may be able to organise a time outside of our in clinic times! Don't hesistate to ask!

So- If you have a niggling issue or injury that is not urgent you don't have to wait: get assessed, the right advice and self-treatment startegies. Don't just put up with pain!

*PLEASE NOTE: You will be required to pay your consultation prior, to secure your booking.*  You will be able to get your Heatlh Fund rebate through your Health Fund after the session.