*Online private classes via Zoom are available upon request*

What is Pilates?

Pilates exercises promote strength and balanced muscle development as well as flexibility and overall agility. By raising your overall body awareness it can help you think about how you perform everyday movements, ensuring that your body is working at its optimal level all the time.

Pilates is a non-impact form of exercise system that focuses on:

  • Breath and spine awareness
  • Developing core strength by using the deep abdominal muscles creating a strong and stable spine.
  • Increasing flexibility and range of movement
  • Improving postural alignment by strengthening and balancing the muscles of the body
  • Co-ordination
  • Strengthen and elongating muscles 

Pilates is excellent for:

  • General fitness and wellbeing
  • Assisting in injury prevention and injury rehabilitation
  • Developing longer leaner strong muscles 
  • Dancers and athletes
  • Returning to exercise after pregnancy or injury
  • The elderly

At Annandale Physio, all classes are run by experienced physiotherapists.

Our group classes are mat based and involve traditional pilates exercises in combination with exercises and stretches inspired by yoga and feldenkrais.

An initial one-on-one assessment consultation is recommended so that we can take into consideration any injuries or medical conceptions and tailor exercises according to your needs.

You can book in for a Pilates Assessment via our online bookings page!

We can also run one-on-one classes for Pilates as well as Clinical Exercise and Rehabilitation sessions upon request. 

Clinical Equipment Classes using the reformer, pilates chair and trapeze table are also available. 

This is especially beneficial for:

  1. Professional Athletes 
  2. Aerialists/Dancers
  3. Post Natal Females
  4. Post Surgical rehabilitation
  5. Anyone with medical or chronic conditions that need extra care and attention

Our Clinical Exercise sessions are aimed to equip you with the techniques required to confidently return to your desired sport, function or to be able to join a group class. 

Please contact the clinic for more information.